Why Mobile Marketing is Important for Your Business

Why Mobile Marketing is Important?

Mobile marketing is important because it’s a means to reach audiences with personalized information, including time and locations on their smartphones or tablets. The opportunities mobile marketing offers for businesses are plenty. If you haven’t adopted the right mobile marketing strategies, it is time to take to big leap as mobile is the closest you can get to the consumer. By 2015, the worldwide smartphone users will reach 2 billion and businesses should take effective measures to utilize this opportunity.

Mobile is here to stay

According to the recent predictions of Google, mobile searches (85.9 billion) will surpass, the desktop-based searches (84 billion) in 2015. The staggering growth of Search ad spending for Google mobile search (120.8%) in 2013, also supports this claim. Most of the searches are done when the user is at home or at work, thereby allowing the marketers to feed them with an instant message or offer. Whether you are owning a restaurant, department store or online business, if you are quick to invest in the new channel, you can have an edge over your competitors.

Quick conversions

As mobile phone is the most personal and pervasive device, mobile marketing should be taken seriously by marketers. Consumers are using their mobile phone to shop, search, socialize and interact, and therefore it facilitates quick conversion. Within five hours of the mobile search, 81% of the conversions happen. Click to call functionality and one touch website visits all facilitates quick conversion. In the coming years, smartphone and tablet use will escalate and marketers will spend more money to study the user behavior and search patterns. In short, Over 50% of mobile searches lead to purchases and over 90% lead to some kind of action.

Mobile coupons

Mobile coupons are one of the smartest and cheapest way to promote offers. Unlike newspaper and magazine coupons, mobile coupons gets ten times the redemption rate. This method is highly effective especially when businesses want to promote a particular product and service.

Understanding that an average user spends almost two hours on mobile applications, Gazelle Interactive provide effective mobile marketing strategies to its customers.