Why PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads Are So Popular?

Much before PPC Ads and World Wide Web come into existence publishers as well as radio and TV stations experimented with PPO which is pay per order and PPR which is Pay Per Response or PPL which is Pay Per Lead advertising. So these were the ads where advertisers could pay per lead generated or order generated. But these ads could not really create much Impression on people and were never widely accepted. It all started with searching for a way to charging fee for using Google Search Engine. So basically it ended up finding a convenient and non-intrusive way to display advertising while Google was already receiving millions of visitors. When others were thinking of Internet as an extended version of televisions, the Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin saw internet as an advanced telephone more than anything else. It can be easily understood that theTV and web are two different mediums. Google started looking for employing advertisements online to reach large audience without intrusion and came up with the idea of displaying only relevant advertisements based on searches on its’ popular search engine. It was a simple idea but extremely powerful and meant that somebody using keywords to search for information would end up with the organic results of their search on one side and on the other relevant advertisements on the same subject. And that is how PPC ads came into use at Google. The Google PPC concept rapidly grew in popularity and is today by far, the most popular form of advertising on the web. Pay per Click Advertising is the most successful way of advertising today. You can contact us to help you create your new or existing Pay Per click strategy.