Why we should Stop Comparing SEO and PPC

Many people think that pay-per-click advertising is a waste of money. PPC is all about buying clicks from the search engine, and SEO is about earning clicks from the search engines. Most of the SEO consultants say that PPC is more like throwing money at a problem instead of working for a solution. The fact is that there is no point in comparing PPC advertising to SEO because PPC is advertising where as SEO is marketing. We know that marketing is a process and any SEO consultant is like a marketer because of the systematic approach. Apart from optimized site structure there are other important tasks like working with the client to generate great content and leveraging that content to build links. Leveraging is the process which means that we have to use everything from old fashioned email link requests to directory submissions to press releases to social media to get good search engine results. So as a part of this link building process you can use advertising to promote your content. Advertising of course is a tool we use in the marketing process so comparing advertising and marketing is like comparing flour to bread. But we all know that there can’t be bread without flour. So whenever you are asked to compare SEO and PPC you can’t answer that question directly. So you can actually talk about how PPC is an advertising tool. Just like any other advertisement media, PPC can be effective in the right circumstances. But advertising alone can’t do a mighty business here for that you really need some good marketing plan and SEO is one of the best ways to market. Our social media marketing packages can really help you to get more audience there by more business while creating a brand impact. Call us for free consultation.
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