Your site ranking is about to shoot up – Learn these advanced SEO techniques

SEO has become a strategic area of marketing and a sophisticated discipline to acquire new customers. Organic search is a way for brands to showcase products and services in front of the target customer, and also a medium to drive traffic and revenue for diverse industries. In order to achieve the coveted first page rankings, marketers have to improve their skill sets and incorporate advanced SEO techniques. See your website rankings shoot up by practicing these advanced SEO tips.

Microdata Markup

One of the advanced search engine optimization techniques recommended by Google is to mark your content up with microdata. To index and interpret your website content, search engines use their artificial intelligence. You can influence this factor by taking control of the indexing process using schema and tell search engines about the content on the website, and how to read it.  Areas of content like services, products, people and videos can be marked up so that the content of the website will be better understood by the search engines. Additionally, microdata markup will help search engines to go deeper into the pages and improve search experience without affecting the page’s rankings in search results. Get rich snippets in search results

Once the Microdata is implemented to the HTML source code of the website, the Search Engines will begin to render Rich Snippets in its search results. When displayed in search results, rich snippets will not only help attract the attention of the user to your result, but also provide information directly related to search query and increase click-through-rates to your website. Rich snippets can include 5-Star ratings, product images, client reviews, list of prices, and more.

Google Authorship for blogs

Another best practice is to establish credibility with Google Authorship. Here all the author’s articles are linked and credited to their personal Google+ Profile. This is an attempt by Google to remove low quality and recycled content that is published online and would help authors establish and verify their credibility with Google. Authorship is very important if you want your blog articles to rank well.

Whether you need help with rich snippets for your website or Google authorship, we at Gazelle Interactive can provide a wide range of advanced SEO services.