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PPC and AdWords Services

Pay Per Click advertising has been around for about 12 years. Yahoo pioneered it but Google perfected it. Google Adwords garners almost 75% of the online search traffic. It is hands down the most targeted form of advertising. Most recently, Yahoo PPC and Microsoft adCenter have merged to consolidate their ad inventory. Google Remarketing is Google’s latest push into behavioral targeted advertising. It’s essentially an insurance policy on the money spent on your Adwords.

As user search for something that you sell or do, they click on your ad and go to your site to perform an action. That’s PPC in a nutshell, which can garner instant traffic for any industry.

Pay Per Click differs from SEO in the fact that PPC is based on bid amounts, quality scores, and historical data. Organic rankings depend on your site optimization according with search engines criteria.

At Gazelle Interactive, we work with our clients to offer the best PPC management services in Florida and all over the world. Our PPC experts will develop and execute ad campaigns that reach your target customers and turn into conversions.

Start running an ad campaign that make grow your business with quick results. Contact us to help create or improve your existing pay per click strategy.

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