Positive Impacts of Google Penguin Update

For those who haven’t noticed, Google recently launched an update to their algorithm known as Penguin. While a lot of users are worried about the falling search engine rankings for their websites, Penguin update offers more protection for genuine content and white hat SEO strategies. Some of the important effects of the Penguin update are:

Authority Back links Are the Key

Getting back links from high authority sites or websites with high page ranks matters more than ever now. The penguin update is more focused towards giving credit to high authority back links while eliminating and penalizing low quality back links. There is no point in blasting the internet with thousands of back links to your website using paid services and on the contrary, it might harm your ranking as well.

Content Rules
No matter what Google does, good quality content is the backbone of any promotion activity. It is stupid to expect people to keep visiting your website and click on ads if you provide them low quality content. Moreover the Penguin update comes with the latest LSI or Latent Symantec Indexing update which makes it even more difficult to fool the search engines, especially with spun articles.

Increased Importance for Organic back Links
We knew the significance of organic links, but its importance is more than ever thanks to the Penguin update. Google aims at rewarding those websites with organic and honest back links and other on page optimization practices while it is very strict against dubious practices such as cloaking and JavaScript redirecting. This helps the new players by offering them a level playing field.

Stability in SEO
Whenever Google changes its search engine algorithm, SEO experts spend a lot of time and energy to prevent possible backlashes and optimize their website complying to the new guidelines. The Penguin update, though has brought down the rankings of many websites, gives a clear indication on how difficult it’s going to be for black hat SEO methods to survive from now on. This will make companies focus more on white hat SEO strategies beneficial to users.

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