PPC: Three Important Metrics that Drive Performance

If you want to scale your pay-per-click advertising campaigns to the peak of both revenue and profitability, you have to make use of various metrics that drive PPC performance. If you are able optimize through following metrics you can definitely increase your performance campaigns. Meanwhile you can even transform some of your worst performing campaigns into profitable ones.

Click Thru Rate:

Click Thru Rate (CTR) will make you understand how well your ad copy relates to the audience you are targeting. A CTR of 3 percent reveals that for every 100 times of your ad’s display, 3 people click on it. Higher a Click Thru Rate, more the opportunities you will have for sales conversions.

Here are tips for increasing your click thru rate:

  • Create ad copy that is relevant to the searcher’s keyword.
  • Communicate a meaningful value proposition.
  • Beg for the click.
  • Always be testing.

Average Position:

Average Position shows you how high or low your ad typically shows up on the search result page. Unlike natural (unpaid) rankings in search engines, being #1 is not always the most profitable.

Depending upon the popularity of your keywords you can test to find the optimal position for your ad so that you avoid people who click without the intention to purchase. Mostly, online retailers want to be in positions 2 thru 5.

Quality Score:

Quality Score is an independent measurement done by Google that measures how well your keyword, landing page, and ad relates to a specific search, taking into account past performance. Quality Score is, in many ways, a great equalizer between small brands and big brands. It allows a small business that delivers an exceptional experience to shoppers after they click to appear above bigger brands, while paying less per click.

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