Public Relations

Public Relations is an incredibly powerful and highly specialized communications discipline that can contribute significantly to the growth, branding, marketing and profitability to any organization. Exposure in the media – print, radio and/or television, as well as on-line entities, can often times take a company, whether small or large, from obscurity into the local, regional or  national spotlight.  An effective public relations campaign can not only put your company on the map, but ring the cash register, and attract new customers through the imprimatur of the media’s endorsement.  We know this. We’ve done it. This is what we do.


But, there is even greater value to a Public Relations campaign. Public Relations can be a powerful complement to your overall on-line marketing efforts and synergistically support your company’s SEO efforts. How? In today’s world of marketing it’s all about content — creating, unique, interesting, fresh content about your company, product or service. How it works, who it helps and benefits, why it’s better, faster, cheaper (presumably than your competition), why the consumer you market to should know about it or have it.  In the world of public relations, this “content” takes the form of a press release, and a press release has a remarkably effective DNA strand for search engine visibility —  and this all circles back to your SEO efforts – which is essential for helping to improve site rankings that drives your company’s position in  “search results.”


Whether your company’s products or services are B-2-B or B-2-C we can help. Whether it’s a press release, or a press conference we can help. Whether you are launching a new product or service, enhancing your existing product lines, or even juggling a corporate faux-paux and your organization requires crisis communications assistance, we can help.  We craft customized and compelling stories for your company, target specific media and make the pitch.  From advertorial to editorial we have ink on our fingers every step of the way.  We have obtained tens of millions of dollars in media exposure nationally and internationally in print, radio and television.   Moreover, the re-purposing of this material is another “value-added” marketing benefit of the entire Public Relations effort. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can create a Public Relations strategy that not only supports your online marketing efforts, but how we can put you in the media spotlight.


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