Remarketing – A good way to reach people who previously visited your site

A visitor who left your site without purchasing anything, can be lured to your site again through a relevant message or offer. This can be done through Remarketing. The potential customers are encouraged to visit your site after seeing the relevant ads across the web. Businesses can benefit from remarketing as it allows you to create a right message and to reach it to the right people at the right time. Remarketing, that allows to create a second impression on the visitors, can be used in several ways and marketers can use any method that best suits them. Depending on the business goals and campaign type you can use any of the remarketing ways, mentioned below:

Remarketing for the Display Network: In this way the relevant ads are shown to the site visitors while they browse the web. Visitors are reminded about the website and they are offered with an opportunity wherein they can complete their purchase. Businesses should not fail to use this chance to re-engage the visitors.

Remarketing lists for search ads: Qualified audience can be reached with remarketing. When your visitor search for what they need on Google, the related ads appear, and it allows to expand your reach with additional keywords. Additionally, you can set bid adjustments for people who have visited your site, and modify your ads accordingly.

Dynamic remarketing: This way of remarketing is only for advertisers with a Google Merchant Center account. Dynamic remarketing shows dynamically created ads to your site visitors. These are powered by your Google Merchant Center account. Based on the pages your customers visited, these ads are created. These ads are also made by considering how the visitors interacted with your site, and are shown to your site visitors when they visit other sites online. Details like product image, title, and rates are used in the type of ads.

Remarketing for mobile apps: if a potential user has specific sections of your mobile app, you can re-engage with them again by showing ads to them when they are using other apps on their mobile.

Remarketing can be used by businesses who are looking to generate sales activity on the site, increase registrations on your website and to strengthen brand awareness.