Stay Away from the Social Dangers of Guest Posting

Most of the internet marketers use guest posting as one of the most effective marketing strategies, it’s been used by businesses and bloggers for the past several years. To achieve such opportunities, the foolproof formula used is building and maintaining social relationships with bloggers and audiences. However, many Internet marketers have given very little thought to how guest posting could actually be severely damaging their social standing with the very individuals they are trying to connect with.

Here are major pitfalls that guest posting could land Internet marketers in.

Getting Caught Out

There are several Black Hat strategies towards every possible Internet marketing campaign and guest posting is no exception. Most of the marketers submit spun or unoriginal content to numerous websites which is a major pitfall. Now, you may very well get away with such an approach in terms of beating the Google bots, but when it comes to maintaining that social relationship with bloggers and Webmasters, you’re going to find yourself in a whole world of trouble.

Losing Your Personality

The social media websites of guest authors are constantly full of blanket Retweets and link filled automated posts, which are about as engaging to an audience as staring at a blank wall. Marketers overuse apps like TweetDeck and HootSuite in order to cut down on the time and effort they have to put in to keeping their social media updated. Although, abusing these tools is one sure fire way to lose your social following, and kill those valued connections with bloggers, site owners and thought leaders.

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