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Google AdWords Dashboard are now Packed with more Features

May 7, 2011

Google AdWords offers people with many free tools and good features. Most people do not use it completely or some people don’t know that these things are available. The new AdWords home tab has got many benefits. The main benefit of new AdWords home tab is that the dashboard can be customized so that people […]

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7 Solutions to Take Your Home Page Bounce Rate Very Low

April 30, 2011

When a website is created, it’s quite obvious that you would like it to be viewed by lot of people and also you would look into the fact that your site should be informative in such a way that none of the visitors enter it and come out in a few seconds without even looking […]

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Four Design Principles for Your Website Design

April 27, 2011

With millions of websites on the internet offering us a wealth of information on all subject matters, how do you make yours stand out and capture the attention of visitors? The answer is layout and design. To make content easy to read and more attractive, there are four principles you should apply to all types […]

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Google Ad Extensions – Prove They Work (or Not!)

April 25, 2011

Ad extensions are a key competitive advantage to advertising on Google AdWords, giving your paid ads that little bit more information to searchers to encourage a click. If you are not using Ad Extensions and not aware of what is available to you then take a look at AdWords ad extensions tab. Up until recently […]

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Why You Should Use Rich Snippets

April 22, 2011

What are Rich Snippets? Rich Snippets are a way of providing additional information about the type of content that is on a web page to Google. Google then use this information to enhance the snippet which is created for your web page within the search engine results page. Rich Snippets can be created for reviews, […]

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