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DataXu Gives Attitude

May 23, 2011

DataXu on Wednesday will officially launch a multichannel demand-side platform dubbed DX Brand. The system measures brand metrics such as awareness, recall, favorability, or purchase intent. Using in-ad surveys, A/B testing and multivariate decision making processes, the system determines the placements and creative pieces most likely to generate a favorable response from consumers who see […]

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Adcentricity DOOH Gets Personal

May 5, 2011

Location-based digital ad network Adcentricity recently unveiled a behavioral targeting platform for agencies and brands called Consumer Sync. It targets consumers by geo-location with ads on digital out-of-home media, incorporating data on consumer behaviors, psychographics and purchase intent.

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First steps to Analysis of Online Marketing Campaign

May 3, 2011

When the last financial crisis hit, almost all the other industries except Internet advertising market got affected. This is hugely because it arranges target expenditure of the advertising budget. There is a benefit of delivering your advertising message to a more clearly defined audience whenever they are ready to perceive it. You can even think […]

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Yahoo Video Content: A Way to Boost Social Media Presence?

April 27, 2011

Yahoo are continuing their revival with a focus on video content and social media with the purchase of IntoNow. You might also be interested in the following related posts: Social Media Presence ‘Can Improve Link Building’ Social Media Used as a ‘Vent’ for Consumers Twitter Leading the Social Media Pack in Video Marketing

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