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Google Confirms Algorithm Update Is about Relevance, Not Quality

May 10, 2018

Google Confirms Algorithm Update Is about Relevance, Not Quality Google’s John Mueller revealed that the algorithm update from March 7th had less to do about targeting low quality sites, and more about content relevance. During a Google Webmaster Hangout on April 6th, Mueller was asked about what happens to websites that were hit by the […]

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3 CommonMyths in SEO

December 5, 2011

The internet is full of information about SEO. Advices and tips which claims they can help you achieve the #1 spot in the industry. But a large chunk of the information available is either misleading or wrong. One needs to look carefully to find out what works and what doesn’t. Bad SEO tips can lead […]

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SEOmoz Toolbar for Firefox Gets Heavily Loaded with Features

June 19, 2011

In my blog I am interested to give you some relevant information about Firefox toolbar. We have launched MozBar V2 which is the biggest update we have done to toolbar in the previous year. It includes great new features. The different features and process that are done are:- 1. Enhanced keyword and link highlighting: We […]

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Know The Rank Of Your Website With Google Mobilizer

June 17, 2011

Long before, it used to be easier before to check the rank of your website. You just have to go to, enter your keyword and count from the top until you reach the URL of your site. But these days, it is on the basis of traffic, a page is ranked in a search […]

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Jumpstart your Link Building with 3 Effective Ways

June 2, 2011

Most of the people like to start with link building for their website but don’t know how exactly to do this. Some people even think marketing is all about creating some kind of sizzle just to get attention and links. For the short term this might be the case but won’t work when it comes […]

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Why we should Stop Comparing SEO and PPC

May 30, 2011

Many people think that pay-per-click advertising is a waste of money. PPC is all about buying clicks from the search engine, and SEO is about earning clicks from the search engines. Most of the SEO consultants say that PPC is more like throwing money at a problem instead of working for a solution. The fact […]

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Simple Tools Can Give Stable Result

May 18, 2011

Without fancy tools, you can build links in a fantastic way. Many times, the SEO techniques can be applied with so simple steps rather than trying out all complex methods that are time consuming and expensive. With a simple email program, spread sheet and Google, you can work wonders. The following are a few steps […]

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Can Error 404 hurt your site?

May 9, 2011

Any SEO consultant will use Webmaster Tools to check out the current status of a particular website. Sometimes you can see a lot of 404(Not found errors) in Crawl Error pages. So the basic question here is does a 404 Error reported in webmaster Tools can really affect your site ranking. 404s are perfectly the […]

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