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SEO Relevance of Keyword Research | SEO Delray Beach

August 31, 2018

SEO RELEVANCE OF KEYWORD RESEARCH SEO Delray Beach companies like Gazelle Interactive are here to help.   It gives the skeletal structure to a campaign, and for a considerable length of time has been a backbone apparatus in the SEO master’s belt. Yet, in the course of recent years or somewhere in the vicinity, keyword research […]

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7 Small Business SEO Tips to Avoid Google Penalties

February 7, 2014

7 Small Business SEO Tips SEO is something that has been giving nightmares to website owners & search engine marketers around the world. But, by making sure that you have the basics right, it shouldn’t be as difficult as it seems.  Here are some of the best Small Business SEO Tips to Avoid Google Penalties. Top […]

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Top Tweets, Images and Videos: New Phase of Sorting From Twitter

June 22, 2011

Twitter has come up with new options to make the search easier. Along with “Top Images” and “Top Videos”, this social networking site has also added “Top Tweet Results”. It is very different from usual Twitter search results in which the very recent tweet comes on the top without considering real relevancy or quality. Unlike […]

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Google +1 Analytics for You to Recommend

June 15, 2011

Recently, Google is trying all the way to be more social. Google +1 Analytics is such a new step to popularize websites or your Google product. Google will show +1 buttons next to all search results and ads, while encouraging other sites to include the buttons. All +1’s are public and are tied to Google […]

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Communication Ad Extensions for Google AdWords

June 12, 2011

Google has introduced Google AdWords “Communication Ad Extensions”, which already has started appearing in search results for limited queries and searchers. These new extensions are very much useful in providing additional options for the searchers to contact the advertiser which goes much beyond the click. There are options like Request Call or Request Email available […]

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Can Error 404 hurt your site?

May 9, 2011

Any SEO consultant will use Webmaster Tools to check out the current status of a particular website. Sometimes you can see a lot of 404(Not found errors) in Crawl Error pages. So the basic question here is does a 404 Error reported in webmaster Tools can really affect your site ranking. 404s are perfectly the […]

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