The Best way to get publicity for your Images

Are you trying to get your photos reachable to more people online? You might not be getting good response to your photos. All you need to understand is how search engine ranks the photo tagged searches. The most popular way by which a user wants to get a photo is of course, go to Google Images and type the keyword. So if your photo needs to have a good rank at the Google Images, you have to get knowledge about how they show the results.

Take an example of a person who likes to travel a lot and want to share his photos to his friends and any other people in the world who could get his photos by searching a keyword related to his photos. He will get information about the number of users visit his site from search engines like Google; it might not be an impressive result. People can use an ad buying network where selling and buying of ads are done and could get a glimpse of where other sites are getting their traffic from. Even if your sites have large collection of tagged photos other sites might be getting a very good traffic.

Usually people use a photo sharing site like Flickr to upload their photos to share it with everyone. Since there is an advantage in the bandwidth, people follow this method. So even if you have 3000 images, getting 70 visits will be disappointing. Those sites getting good ranking are found to host their photos into their own domain. Those sites pointing their images to Flickr don’t get good ranking at the Google search. You will not probably find any Flickr images near the top of the searches. But it is found that Flickr does get an advantage at Yahoo.

Hey don’t get worried if you have all your photos at Flickr. You can use an open source image hosting platform like Gallery2 to make your photos to your own domain. Those in the Flickr could be kept for the social network benefits.

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