Top 5 SEO Mistakes

Search engine optimization is more of a common-sense approach than that of a technical approach. Below are a few mistakes that every webmaster could easily commit.

  1. 1. Not Descriptive

Search engine optimization needs good and fair descriptive URL structure. ID-based URLs are not going to help your SEO. URL structure needs best practices for like as description of content, keywords, short and fair.

  1. 2. Messy URLs

Long and messy URLs are generated by some content management systems. A messy URL is not only harder for human readers to decipher, but it can often make it difficult for search engines to use the data in the URL for indexing purposes. Most messy URLs are the result of dynamically generated URLs that are created using publishing and content management systems.

  1. 3. Tags/Meta descriptions

A title tag is the main text that describes an online document. It is the single most important on-page SEO element. Crafting an enticing title tag and Meta description should be as important as writing a high CTR winning PPC ad.

  1. 4. No user-generated contents

User-generated reviews and contents are an excellent way to boost up site performance. It is the great way of adding extra feature of the products.

  1. 5. Forget Branded product Search

Focus more on the type of keywords that will bring new customers, rather than focusing on brand related keywords that brings in only a limited audience.

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