Training a Link Builder


Training a novice who does not know anything about link building is a trying task for even the most experienced SEO experts. What to teach and what not to in the beginning stages is an important thing to consider when training someone new to the industry.

1. Tools and Software Setup

Learning the basics is an important part of learning the link building process. It is ideal to teach someone to work without the help of tools in the beginning. After they are more familiar with stuff you can move on to software and advanced tools.

2. Reading Material

Reading materials that provide basic information on SEO are ideal for beginners. Getting familiar with the terms can take time and should be done only in a gradual way. There should always be someone to help them with things they find difficult to understand.

3. Site Discovery

The next thing to teach them would be to find sites for building links to. They can do this by using simple search terms. This can help to them to develop their skills in finding alternative websites on their own when they run in to same websites again and again.

4. Finding Contact Information

There are some tools that retrieve contact information from sites but it is good to have them do this without the help of tools in the beginning.

5. Constructing and Opening Email

They must learn to keep things brief and that the opening email should be modified to fit a specific website.

6. Record Keeping

Keeping track of their work is important. Recording everything on Google Docs or a server will make it easier to access anytime.

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