WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite is a feature that since WordPress version 3 has been included discreetly right into the install itself. It is a feature that packs a huge punch, allowing 1000s of blogs to exist virtually within one, single WordPress install. It is a great idea for large-scale sites that use multiple sub-domains, blog networks, social networks, or even internal networking for businesses or organizations. While this feature has been around for almost as long as WordPress itself, it is just now getting the attention it deserves – even from WordPress devs.

In a nutshell, Multisite enables a single WordPress install to act like a network of sites centered around a single domain (http://yoursite.com). It allows for either new sub-domains (http://subdomain.yoursite.com) or sub-directories (http://yoursite.com/subdomain), and it does all this virtually, which means you do not need to create new folders. Instead, by just adding some code to wp-config.php and .htaccess, you have thousands of sites right at your fingertips.

Multisite also allows for easy network management through a single admin dashboard which a user with appropriate permissions can access via any network site’s admin bar. Multisite is by no means “new”. It has been around for almost as long as WordPress itself, although previously it was developed separately. Since WP 3.0 it has been included together with WordPress, and, as mentioned above, it seems like it will only get more user-friendly as the WordPress devs seem to be paying some particular attention to it in 2012.

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